Virginia – Crisis management workshops – Business Agile and Systemic Coach.

How is your journey looking today? How agile is your business in adapting to the current crisis? Is your business in need to support professionals with human empathy and clarity? Are  you able to adapt to the current circumstances?

Through Crisis Management workshops, techniques and peer to peer conversations, I have developed techniques to understand the potential in ourselves and move forward. By having group support, you will be able to see the potential in partners, colleagues and employees to build strength and confidence in your team.

Together we can make this journey flow. You will identify the core tensions in our current lifestyle and the NEW NOW to achieve a successful trajectory by aligning values, interests and goals, and set a course to move into action

By using the tools from Process Communication Model, stress factors will be identified, and techniques will be used to find back focus.

Change and edges impact in business coaching interview.


Join for Crisis Management – Business Agility through a Healthy Mindset- Virtual Workshops where you will find guidance on what’s next with Virginia.

  1. Total – 2 DAY INTENSE COURSE ( 2 hours/night)
  2. OVER FOUR WEEKS (2 hours/ 2 nights)
  3. CEO, Head of HR, CSR and Individual Coaches Workshop (one to one sessions)

Crisis Management – Business Agility through a Healthy Mindset

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