Systemic / Team Coaching

We look to create passionate teams, so they can navigate change and perform to their best ability.

What is a passionate team?

Please check here the interview with Virginia Anderson

We use experiential systemic coaching tools to create an environment of empowerment and trust when moving through change. Our approach is to look at groups/teams as a system. They move and function linked to the environmental impacts, gain or loss of members and understanding of what motivates them. Individuals make up a system but if there is too much change or the team is not moving towards a purpose it will not function to its potential.

We work with all forms of organisations, relationships, systems and teams and support the systems when moving through change. Support comes in the form of helping the people in the team find their voice and be heard, role identification, toxic communication identification, value proposition, strategic vision and conflict resolution.

Is your team moving through change? Please see examples of change in an organization:

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Organisational Relationship Systems Coaching Certified (ORSCC)