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Vision is to help leaders (ourselves on a leadership path) find our true leadership potential to leave a sustainable environment and a better tomorrow. Click here for to see our your journey:

The structure is to take the hero’ journey in a vast open land to where you can tap into centuries of struggles, deep learning and sustainability. Feel and see the vastness which will help you find your place in the world. Learn from a local culture that knows how to survive in harsh surroundings and take the step over the edge onto a stepping stone to your true potential and leave a better tomorrow.

Genghis Khan was one man who could tap into the power of the people. He could motivate and inspire different cultures, religions and people. We will look at how he has done this and transform it into your lives. There were negative aspects as well as positive. He became highly creative for his time and the Mongols still have his legacy within them. How can we do the same for ourselves? Whether it be on a grand scale or just for our children?

Transformational Leadership Program in Partnership with HR Services SA

We develop and support HR professionals and new managers and leaders with a multi layered training program. We look to take the high performing experts and help them apply a different perspective to their working and managing world through the following steps:

Targeting Team Leaders and Head of Departments:

Other training and organizational change methods:

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