Why us

Why Choose Matrix

Matrix is a hub. It is a virtual company that brings together a team of like-minded, highly skilled professionals from a number of intersecting fields. We are the company of the future; small, flexible and able to grow numbers and bench-strength overnight, we can address your current needs and plan for potential needs in the foreseeable future.

You get, and only pay for, high quality without extra overhead.

We are a woman owned and managed small business that prides itself on gender balance. We use the latest tried and true techniques, with a unique spin that fits the character and needs of our clients.

We are facilitators, consultants, trainers, managers, administrators, planners, serious gamers and designers. We are independent but interlinked to give you the most amazing and satisfying customer experience you have ever had.


Our focus is on our clients and to support them in achieving their goals

We help our clients improve the effectiveness and performance of their organisations, their teams, and themselves.


These principles inform every aspect of our work and guide our conduct

  • Commitment to quality work and collaborative relationships is the foundation to produce excellent results
  • Judgment and discretion are essential pillars that foster respect, trust and openness
  • Continuing improvement and development is key to personal and organisational effectiveness and resilience
  • Insightful guidance supports lasting value and enduring relationships


In order to consistently produce high quality results, our approach emphasizes:

  • Collaborating closely throughout the engagement, from design to delivery to evaluation
  • Using customized assessments and regular contact to follow up and properly measure progress and achievement
  • Engaging stakeholders early to build trust and support for required outcomes
  • Working across hierarchal, functional and cultural boundaries to address current and emerging organizational challenges
  • Providing processes and an extensive toolkit to support uptake and to strengthen collaboration, competence and resilience
  • Updating our knowledge continually to ensure we provide the most effective solutions and relevant methodologies to our clients