Team Coaching

Team, Relationship / Systemic Coaching

We go into your company and work with Teams and Relationships. We help your teams work through change and create new identities for themselves. We Coach the teams and relationships as a system and look to understand the systems needs. We are able to respect the past but help the team move forward and have a voice to create a new vision. These visions can be around new strategies, missions, values, roles and responsibilities and also identifying barriers that are stopping the teams from being productive.

We also work with Relationships and help them work better together. Do you have some clashes with your senior management or cultural differences and the Relationship needs to find common ground? We work with these situations and find commonalities for moving forward. Personal issues can block a company from moving forward. We help executive teams go through change and move forward.

Our team has worked in the sports sector from being International Professional basketball players, Coaches and Referees. We are able to integrate learnings from the sports world into the corporate world. Create experiential workshops that can be easily understood through experiencing sports whether you are an athlete or not.

Team Coaching is a structured concept for setting objectives and using systemic tools to learn and achieve your outcomes. Change does not happen in one session, but by setting goals and working with the team, you can take a path through change and reach your goals. Our Goal is to see behaviour change and increased motivation and performance. Release the barriers and find your team and relationships true potential.