Matrix Leadership

  • M – Make a connection with our clients
  • A – Act mindful
  • T – Take control over your passion
  • R – Respect the whole person
  • I – Inspire your people
  • X – eXplore their potential

Objective: Create a motivated performance culture with all of our clients whether it is with training, coaching or consultancy

  • Make a connection with yourself and your team, know who you are, how you communicate and how you do things. We look at what impact you are making on your environment. We leverage off of existing company assessment tools and use existing ones in our tool kit – ie Communication Styles, Personal Agility, Process Communication, Competency Assessments and others. We make a connection between the business goals and the competencies needed to motivate. 360 degree feedback are also used from a feedback perspective.
  • Act mindful: From a cultural aspect – we use Assumption work to see how culture can effect motivation and enhance it. In workshops we use dialogues to find important topics effecting how people work together. What is interesting about this approach in our work is that assumptions are eliminated and people can communicate more openly.
  • Take control over your passion: Understanding what you and your team enjoy about working together. Being in control of your choices instead of reacting to situations with out being in control and seeing how you can move forward. and make a difference to who you are working with whether it be in your personal circle, internal teams or clients.
  • Respect the whole person – Identify values – personal values as well as values at work – this is a key to eliminating stress when values can be aligned to the business values. We use the Co-Active coaching and Systemic Coaching approaches to identify values and link them to the person and their passions and to the work in teams.
  • Inspire your people: Passion: what are you passionate about (your passion comes when you know who you are as person and what makes you happy) When managers are able to tap into their passions their energy will motivate others and will be passed onto other people. Knowing how to lead and motivate your team will create a productive culture and help achieve goals.
  • eXplore their potential: Get the whole team together and explore their dreams and potential. Open up their possibilities whether it is for individuals, executives or in Teams. Allow ones self to open up and see their potential and create goals to strive for.